The Veronica Conference


4-5 April 2016

Magdalene College University of Cambridge

Amanda Murphy Conference ConvenorWelcome
Herbert L. KesslerIntroduction: The Literary Warp and Artistic Weft of Veronica’s Cloth
Zbigniew Izydorczyk The Cura Sanitatis Tiberii according to Ernst von Dobschütz
Barry Windeatt‘True Image’? Versions of the Veronica in Medieval England
Federico GalloDe sacrosanto sudario Veronicae by Giacomo Grimaldi. First Investigations
Nigel Morgan‘Veronica’ images in England c. 1240-c. 1280
Aden KumlerSignatis…vultus tui: (Re)-impressing the Veronica in the Middle Ages
Rebecca RistInnocent III and Veronica’s Veil: Papal PR or Eucharistic Icon
Guido MilaneseQuaesivi vultum tuum
Joerg BöllingFace to face with Christ in Late Medieval Rome. The Veil of Veronica in Papal Liturgy and Ceremony
Uwe Michael LangThe Mass Proper of the Holy Face and of Saint Veronica in Medieval Liturgical Sources before the Tridentine Reform
Session 3The Promotion of the Veronica Cult
Rowan WilliamsWelcome
Gisela DrossbachThe Roman Hospital of Santo Spirito in Sassia and the symbolic Communication of the Veronica
Kathryn RudyPhilip the Good and the Face of Christ
Etienne Doublier“Sui pretiossisimi vultus Imago”: Veronica and Grants of Indulgences in the 13th and early 14th centuries
Marc Sureda i JubanyVeronicae of Christ and the Virgin in the Kingdom of Aragon in the Late Middle Ages.
A Survey of their Diffusion and Liturgical Context
Chiara Di Fruscia“Datum Avenioni” Avignon Papacy and the Custody of the Veronica
SESSION 4The Spread of the Veronica Cult
Hanneke Van AsperenImages of the Veronica in Religious Books of the Laity: Their Provenance and Meaning
Marco Petoletti,  
Angelo Piacentini
The Veronica by Boniface da Verona, 13th century poet
Stefano CandianiThe iconography of the Veronica in the Lombardy region during the 14th century
Raffaele SavigniThe Roman Veronica and the Holy Face of Lucca: parallelisms and tangencies in the formation of both traditions
Raffaella Zardoni, 
Emanuela Bossi, 
Amanda Murphy
The iconography of the Veronica: an assessment of chronologically and geographically ordered data

ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: Emanuela Bossi, Marta Ferrari, Elisabetta Pinciroli.

Scientific Committee

  • Maria Pia Alberzoni (Università Cattolica, Milan),
  • Emanuele Colombo (De Paul University, Chicago),
  • Eamon Duffy (University of Cambridge),
  • Herbert L. Kessler (John Hopkins & Masaryk University, Brno)
  • Elisabetta Marchetti (Università di Bologna),
  • Guido Milanese (Università Cattolica, Milan),
  • Amanda Clare Murphy (Università Cattolica, Milan),
  • Marco Petoletti (Università Cattolica, Milan),
  • Joseph Weiler (European University Institute, Florence),
  • Gerhard Wolf (Kunsthistorisches Institut, Florence).

Convivium Supplementum

A. Murphy, H. L. Kessler, M. Petoletti, E. Duffy, G. Milanese (eds.)

« Ce précieux volume, riche d’articles de première importance, constitue néanmoins un nouveau jalon dans l’étude de ce phénomène iconique singulier. »

Nicolas Sarzeaud

Conference doc.

Supported by

  • Istituto Toniolo, Milan
  • The Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge
  • The Department of Medieval, Humanistic and Renaissance Studies, UCSC
  • The Department of Language Sciences and Foreign Literatures, UCSC
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