The start and spread of the cult of the Veronica: Innocent III and the 13th century popes.

Ostensions to those in power in the Middle Ages. Politics and piety.

Pilgrimages to see the Veronica.

The start of the cult of the Veronica during Innocent III’s pontificate and its historical development in the 13th century, up to the first Jubilee under Boniface VIII, with particular attention to the question of indulgences. The possible role played by the Ospedale di Santo Spirito in Sassia, the destination of the procession with the relic. The ‘private’ ostensions of the Veronica to the rich and powerful, such as that of Charles IV in Rome in 1368-9, so as to understand them in their historical context, and, more generally, to the theme of pilgrimages, whose goal was to see the holy face.

Innocent III and Veronica’s Veil: Papal PR or Eucharistic Icon?

Rebecca Rist (University of Reading) Abstract This paper will examine the cult of the sudarium known as Veronica’s Veil which was created in 1208 by Pope Innocent III (1198-1216), became an important focus of pilgrimage to Rome during the thirteenth century and for the Jubilee Year of 1300, and was to continue as an inspirational…

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“Datum Avenioni” Avignon Papacy and the Custody of the Veronica

 Chiara Di Fruscia (Rome) Abstract Starting with Pope Innocent III and throughout the 15th century, Catholic popes have enriched the symbolism related to the Holy Face of Christ by associating themselves to the expression vicarius-Christi. Such a conception clearly entails all sorts of ideological and political implications, therefore, we cannot consider the Veronica as the…

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“Sui pretiossisimi vultus Imago”: Veronica and Grants of Indulgences in the 13th and early 14th centuries

Étienne Doublier (Wuppertal) Abstract Both the “true icon” and “pardons” began to be extremely popoular especially during the thirteenth century. My paper questions the possible connection between the two phenomena and portrays the history of papal and episcopal indulgences connected with the veneration of Veronica in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. Following topics will be…

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