Veronica Conference is a virtual meeting place for scholars working on the Roman Veronica, as a figure in art and iconography, literaturehistorytheology and the liturgy.

It takes its origin from Veronica Route, the open-ended online catalogue begun in 2010, which collects reproductions of the medieval relic called the Veronica, organising them chronologically and geographically, and linking them to live google earth maps.

Com’era la Veronica?

In quel tempo che molta gente va per vedere

quella imagine benedetta la quale Gesù Cristo lasciò a noi

per esempio della sua bellissima figura.


Duw Ei hun oedd ŵr du hael,

A du fydd dragywydd dro

Y Fernagl a fu arno.

G. Glyn

Considering the masses of pilgrims who came to see the image and the innumerable copies of it, it is perhaps surprising that we do not know what the Veronica actually looked like.


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